In 1987 Carmelo Santiago established Melo’s, the first restaurant in the Philippines to offer Certified Angus Beef, his personal favorite. Twenty years later, Melo’s is now known as one of the best places to savor authentic Wagyu beef, a delicacy that is all the rage in today’s global culinary scene.

Melo’s superb Wagyu selections, the family’s perpetual goal and challenge, is ensuring that every customer has a pleasurable dining experience.

“We are confident that our customers will love our Wagyu steaks because we serve them nothing less than high quality beef, which get from our own exclusive supplier. But beyond the great food, we uphold the family tradition of providing personalized service.”
Only Melo’s has a steak cart presented to customers so they can choose the cut and thickness of the meat before it is grilled to perfection with a secret marinade and using volcanic rocks. The Santiago family truly devotes much time and effort for diners to enjoy the best steaks.